The Alu-Tech construction system is the first of its kind in the UK caravan industry and shares many similarities with the monocoque production designs currently used in the automotive industry.

It incorporates a system whereby the individual body shell components all contribute to the overall strength of the structure rather than solely relying on the floor and chassis.

The assembly consists of a five part, as opposed to the current nine part, system and comprises of a traditional caravan floor, two laminated side panels, a solid laminated back panel and a new single span front and roof section.

The body shell panels are then clamped together with a bespoke aluminium extrusion framework that provides additional structural rigidity.

In addition to the extra strength this system provides the other main benefit of this new design is the absence of any external fixings which has a major impact on reducing the opportunity for water ingress into the body shell.

The outer aluminium extrusion houses the body shell panels and they are then held in place from the inside by a metal connecting bracket. The whole assembly is then locked together by a T-bolt fixing whilst a semi-circular plastic cap covers the fittings to give a neat interior finish.

To combat the problem of water ingress Bailey has introduced not one but two lines of defence into the Alu-Tech body shell design.

The first line of defence is ingress prevention, where by every conceivable effort has been made to reduce the number of potential water access points, with a 90% reduction in the number of external joints and fixing points, thus improving the overall integrity of the protective shell.

The second line of defence is ingress management, minimising the impact any possible ingress may cause. This has been achieved with the development of timber free body shell panels, featuring a composite plastic internal skeleton, low absorbency buffer zones surrounding the windows and doors...

and an easy clean GRP inner wall.

So confident are we of the performance of this new shell that it comes supplied with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty and an extended bodyshell integrity guarantee* to provide you with long term peace of mind.

*Terms and conditions apply.  Supplied with a 6 year bodyshell integrity guarantee and a 3 year manufacturers components warranty.  4 Year extension to bodyshell integrity guarantee available as a cost option (making 10 years in total).

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