Weatherproof Shell - "Keeping you warm"

  • Panel thicknesses of: Sides 37mm, Ceiling 37mm & Floor 44mm (30% thicker than current production panels)
  • High density polystyrene insulation for side and roof panels
  • Additional insulation of pipe runs and wheel box
  • As a result the shell is fully insulated shell to Grade III classification of EN1646-I
    • Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer - all year round touring
    • Making it more economic to own and more environmentally friendly


Weatherproof Shell - "Keeping you dry"

  • First line of defence - ingress prevention
    • Eight or nine part fully bonded exterior panel assembly system
    • Structural interlocking aluminium extrusion external framework with no external fixing points and an integral water management system
    • Single sheet impact resistant GRP outer skin means there are two less exterior seams

As a result there has been a 90% reduction in the number of external joints and fixing points

  • Second line of defence - ingress management
    • Panels built using a timber free construction, incorporating a composite plastic internal skeleton, high density polystyrene insulation and impact resistanct GRP inner and outer wall linings

As a result the motorhome is supplied with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty and an extended bodyshell integrity guarantee* to provide you with long term peace of mind.


*Terms and conditions apply.  Supplied with a 6 year bodyshell integrity guarantee and a 3 year manufacturers components warranty.  4 Year extension to bodyshell integrity guarantee available as a cost option (making 10 years in total).

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