In order to bring products as advanced as this to market it has been necessary to undertake the most comprehensive testing and validation programme the industry has ever known.

It became apparent from a very early stage that in order to carry out this exercise thoroughly we would need to employ the services of the leading third party authorities in a number of different fields to supplement our own findings.


Bailey has worked with a wide variety of organisations during the two year validation programme, forming partnerships with new and existing development partners.


The Millbrook Proving Ground is the first choice test facility for the global automotive industry and consequently it was the obvious venue in which to put vehicle prototypes through their paces.

There it was subjected to a series of accelerated life tests as well as being given a thorough examination climate control chamber.

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Bailey has a long standing relationship with the University of Bath and has been joint sponsor of the research by Dr Jos Darling and the Department of Mechanical Engineering into towing stability for many years.

They have been involved in the Alu-Tech project from the outset acting as general technical consultants as well as carrying out a variety of product performance tests.

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In-house testing on all aspects of the design was carried out throughout the development exercise in a process of simultaneous engineering.

Possibly the most spectacular was the Bailey ‘trial of strength’ which was a test devised to give a tangible demonstration of the superior performance of the Alu-Tech body shell involving both the test team and their test vehicle.

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Please note: Health and safety requirements were stringently adhered to during whilst conducting this test. It is not recommended that consumers climb on top of their caravans or walk on the roofs in any circumstances.

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