The Millbrook Proving Ground is the first choice test facility for the global automotive industry and consequently it was the obvious venue in which to put the caravan prototypes through their paces.


At Millbrook the caravan was subjected to a standard automotive simulated three year structural durability assessment. The test, specified by Millbrook themselves, took over one week to complete and covered seven different areas.  The inputs experienced during the 657 miles of testing on the Millbrook facilities simulate up to 3 years of service use.

Results were recorded at regular intervals throughout the test sequence to identify the areas of strength and weakness in the new construction system. The caravans were tested twice in this manner during the development phase. 

To give a greater insight into what took place during test week and the lengths that we have gone to ensure that every element of the design has been thoroughly evaluated we have produced a stills image gallery and a demonstration video which can be viewed below.

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Again this is an automotive standard test, this time carried out in the temperature controlled chamber at Millbrook. In order to achieve Grade III classification for thermal insulation (EN1645-I) the caravan must have passed a specified two part test covering both thermal performance and efficiency.


Thermal Performance

1. Chamber including caravan is cooled to – 15 degrees centigrade from an ambient temperature of + 20 degrees centigrade. This will take approximately 10 hours
2. The caravan heating is turned on and the inside temperature is raised to + 20 degrees centigrade. Maximum time allowed for this exercise is 4 hours
3. The caravan internal temperature is stabilised at + 20 degrees for one hour
4. Fresh water supply is connected and should be operational within the caravan at this time when the outside temperature remains at -15 degrees centigrade

Thermal Efficiency

1. Measurement of the power requirement needed to sustain an internal temperature at +20 degrees for two hours with an outside temperature of -15 degrees centigrade.
2. Caravan was heated using the 2KW power supply from the space heater (gas could have been used but it was easier to maintain the internal temperature of + 20 degrees centigrade using electric)
3. U-Value is calculated by dividing the Power Consumption by the multiple of the Internal Area and the Temperature Difference. Maximum U-Value permitted is 1.2 W/m2K, Bailey Pegasus achieved 0.96 W/m2K.

In achieving Grade III classification the Alu-Tech body shell therefore provides owners with economic and environmental benefits, by reducing the amount of power required to heat it, as well as superior thermal performance characteristics

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