Bailey motorhomes have been subjected to a series of accelerated life and structural tests as well as being given a thorough examination in a climate control chamber at the internationally renowned Millbrook Proving Ground to ensure that every aspect of the new designs have been thoroughly evaluated.


At Millbrook the motorhome was subjected to a standard automotive simulated six year structural durability assessment. The test, specified by Millbrook themselves, took over two weeks to complete and covered seven different areas of the facility.  The inputs experienced during the 1085 miles of testing on the Millbrook facilities simulate up to 6 years of service use.

The results were recorded at regular intervals throughout the test sequence to identify the areas of strength and weakness in the new construction system.

To give you a greater insight in to what took place during the development process and the lengths we have gone to ensure that every element of the design has been thoroughly evaluated please view the demonstration video below:

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This is an automotive standard test carried out, in this instance, in a temperature controlled chamber at the Millbrook Proving Ground. To achieve Grade III classification for thermal insulation (EN1646-I) a motorhome must have passed a specified procedure covering the thermal performance of the vehicle. 

Test Procedure

1. Chamber including motorhome is cooled to – 15 degrees centigrade from an ambient temperature of + 20 degrees centigrade. This takes approximately 10 hours
2. The motorhome heating is turned on and the inside temperature is raised to + 20 degrees centigrade. Maximum time allowed for this exercise is 4 hours
3. The motorhome internal temperature is stabilised at + 20 degrees for one hour
4. Fresh water supply is connected and should be operational within the motorhome at this time when the outside temperature remains at -15 degrees centigrade.

All motorhomes built using the Alu-Tech construction system have achieved the Grade III Classification keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, as well as making your vehicle more economical to own. 

Crash Test Simulations

Safety considerations are of paramount importance in any new motorhome design and Bailey decided to investigate the strength of the motorhome bodyshell and furniture in a simulated crash test at the Millbrook Proving Ground. 

Following their recommendations Bailey committed to a series of 30mph or 50kph frontal impact tests on a cell containing the dedicated rear passenger seating area.  For authenticity this was mounted on a dummy cab and chassis to best represent what would happen in this type of impact.

Throughout the testing the Alu-Tech bodyshell stood up well to the examination and required very little in the way of modification. However, following the results of the initial trails, Bailey did make changes to the design of both the caravan floor and furniture, as well as re-locating under locker lighting, to enhance passenger protection. In addition the company has also taken the decision to include a dedicated stowage location for side mounted tables whilst in transit as this proved to be a significant hazard if left in situ in the event of an impact. 

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