In the early 1980’s sandwich construction body shell panels were first included in leisure vehicle production and design. Later the same decade these were supplemented by the addition of front and rear exterior plastic panels.

This basic design has not changed for thirty years and whilst it has served us well in that period it is not without its drawbacks. In the interim period general vehicle design technology has advanced considerably.

Consequently Bailey is now asking “is there a better way?”

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In order to set about improving on current leisure vehicle designs we set ourselves the following challenges:-


To develop a construction system which produces a leisure vehicle that is:-

  • More weatherproof
    • keeping you warm
    • keeping you dry
  • More robust and more durable
  • More aerodynamic and inherently more stable
  • But without a weight penalty

The following pages of this site explain how these objectives were achieved with the development of the Alu-Tech Body Shell construction system. All of our caravans and motorhomes are now built using this high performance technology full information on which can be found by clicking on the links below:-

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