The Alu-Tech body shell construction system is the most significant development in leisure vehicle production technology for over thirty years.

After having undertaken the most comprehensive product design programme the industry has ever known, the Bailey development team has produced a construction system that is so unique that it has necessitated the commissioning of over 100 bespoke tools to build it and that features a design so advanced that it has 5 new patents registered.

This site explains how the Alu-Tech body shell came into existence, the people and ideas behind it plus the tremendous lengths that Bailey, in conjunction with its third party development partners, has gone to ensure that every aspect of the design has been thoroughly evaluated.

The result is a vehicle that is triumph of engineering and technological advancement that offers real advantages of ownership.

Advantages that lead us to believe that - one day all leisure vehicles will be made this way.

All of our product ranges are now built using this high performance technology full information on which can be found be clicking on the buttons below:-

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